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Can I transfer or sell my license to someone else?
Last Updated 6 years ago

Yes, you can transfer your license with our help.


  • You have to be able to prove that you have a license that hasn't already been transferred - we need the order number that you originally purchased the plugin with.
  • You have to provide the email address, name, postal address, and phone number of the person you wish to transfer the license to.
  • You must purchase a license transfer fee (currently $5.00 USD) for each plugin you wish to transfer, to cover our time and costs for processing the transfer.
  • You must file a support ticket requesting the transfer providing all of the above information - at that point we will verify and process a new zero-cost order for the new licensee.
  • Upon being notified that the transfer has been processed, it is your responsibility to remove the plugin from your systems and to destroy all copies of your key file.

You can purchase a license transfer here: - remember to purchase one transfer for each plugin if you are transferring more than one.

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