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Do you have bundle pricing or any kind of discounts available?
Last Updated 6 years ago

We don't have any bundle pricing or discounts other than those presented on the website (a discount for non-commercial users of Cockos Inc.'s REAPER DAW). Why, you ask?

A) We grant a discount to the hobbyist users of REAPER because the folks at Cockos are awesome and we have history with them, and this is the best way we can think of to thank them.

B) We don't grant any other discounts because we feel that most discounts are just a way to pump up the price of single items so that the bundle LOOKS like a good deal. We'd rather just sell at the lowest price we can live with and make EVERYONE happy, regardless of whether they buy one plugin or ten.

We state this on our website along with other information in our How It Works > Licensing page at

The "All plugins" bundle is not something we list on our website since very few people actually buy that many plugins, but to save effort, you can use the following URLs to add multiple plugins into the shopping cart at one go: - for All Hosts, Commercial Use licenses - for REAPER-only, Non-commercial Use licenses.

Please note that there is no discount for purchasing multiple plugins for the reasons stated above. That said, however, those URLs will make buying many or all of our plugins much easier.

We hope this helps clear up any uncertainty - thanks for asking!

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