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My license doesn't work, what do I do?
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My license file doesn't work!

There are other knowledge base articles (see here or here for a good summary) that cover the process of correctly installing a key file, but this article is meant to address a few other specific "edge case" problems. You may in some circumstances install a key file properly, yet still have the plugin show up as unregistered. There are two possible causes for this, shown below.

1. Wrong license purchased.

A "REAPER-only, non-commercial use" will ONLY show as registered when the plugin is loaded within Cockos REAPER (
The plugin will continue to load in other hosts, but the registration is only valid for users of REAPER. This is normal, expected behavior. If you wish to register your plugins for use in other hosts, you need to purchase a full license. You may send email to licensing at stillwellaudio dot com and let us know your original order number and we can create a special order for you to allow you to purchase the full version for the difference in cost between the two licenses.

2. Your licensed user name contains "special" (Unicode) characters

Our license key generator has a limitation that it does not allow special characters such as letters with diacritical marks like umlauts and tildes. The Fastspring e-commerce website does a fair job of replacing those characters with US ASCII equivalents, but it doesn't always work. Specifically, Japanese and Chinese characters will not process properly, and there may be other exceptions.
In the event that this happens, please send email to licensing at stillwellaudio dot com and we will hand-create a license for you using a Romanized version of your name. We apologize for the necessity, but that's the only way it will work.

Hope this helps!

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