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Why does my key file download have a status of "not available"?
Last Updated 5 years ago

When you purchase a key to one of our plugins (THANK YOU!), a key file is generated just for you and uploaded to Fastspring's e-commerce servers and a link to that file is emailed to you along with instructions on how to install it. The link to that file is valid for seven days after purchase, and then expires. Please download promptly!

Now...if you're reading this, you probably either didn't download within seven days, or you've had problems with your computer and need to download again to reinstall your plugins. You are NOT out of luck, so don't panic!

Please visit and browse their help on getting a key file reissued and ask to have your download links reset. You'll need to include your order number and email from the original email account that you ordered the plugins from. If that email account is no longer active or you no longer have the email with your order number, you may have to go through more verification with Fastspring for them to find the order - but if they CAN find it and link that account with you somehow, they'll take care of you by resetting the links and/or re-sending your original order emails.

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